Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun: Your Ultimate Self-Defense Companion

Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun: Your Ultimate Self-Defense Companion

Introducing the Tiger-USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun

Super Bright Flashlight

One of the standout features of the Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun is its super bright flashlight. With just a click of a button, you can instantly blind any attacker, giving you the advantage you need in a dangerous situation. Whether you’re walking alone at night or finding yourself in a dimly lit area, this flashlight will ensure you have clear visibility at all times.

150-Decibel Alarm

In addition to the flashlight, this stun gun also features a 150-decibel alarm. The loud and piercing sound is enough to startle and scare off any potential attacker. Not only will it draw attention to your situation, but it will also create a sense of panic for the assailant, making them think twice about approaching you.

Powerful Stun Feature

If the flashlight and alarm are not enough to deter an attacker, the Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun has another trick up its sleeve. With its powerful stun feature, you can quickly disable an assailant and give yourself time to escape. The electric shock delivered by this device is enough to immobilize an attacker temporarily, allowing you to get to safety.

On-Off Safety Switch

Safety is a top priority when it comes to any self-defense tool, and the Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun doesn’t disappoint. It is equipped with an on-off safety switch that protects you from accidental discharges. This feature ensures that the stun gun will only activate when you want it to, giving you peace of mind.

Side Shock Plates

Another impressive feature of this stun gun is its side shock plates. These plates are strategically placed on the head of the device to prevent attackers from taking it away from you. Even if an assailant tries to grab the stun gun, they will receive a shock, making it nearly impossible for them to disarm you.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Gone are the days of constantly buying and replacing batteries. The Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. Simply plug it into any standard outlet using the included charging cable, and you’ll have a fully charged stun gun ready to go. This convenient feature ensures that your device is always powered up and ready to protect you.

Hands-Free Carrying

Carrying a self-defense tool should be hassle-free, and that’s exactly what the Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun offers. It comes with a built-in wrist strap and a nylon belt loop holster, allowing for hands-free carrying. Whether you prefer to have it on your wrist or securely fastened to your belt, this stun gun gives you the flexibility to choose the most comfortable and convenient carrying method for you.

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you invest in a self-defense tool, you want to be confident in its quality and durability. That’s why the Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty ensures that you are protected against any defects or malfunctions. It’s a testament to the trust and confidence that the manufacturer has in their product.


The Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun is more than just a self-defense tool – it’s your ultimate companion in personal safety. With its super bright flashlight, 150-decibel alarm, powerful stun feature, and other impressive functionalities, this stun gun offers the peace of mind and protection you deserve. Invest in your safety today and carry the Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary Stun Gun wherever you go.

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