Solving the Mystery of Discarded Apples: A Crossword Clue Journey


Crossword puzzles have been a beloved pastime for decades, challenging our minds and testing our knowledge. These puzzles often contain clues that require some creative thinking and a vast range of knowledge. One such clue that has puzzled many crossword enthusiasts is “discarded apples, e.g.” But what could this clue be referring to? In this article, we will delve into the world of crossword puzzles and explore the possible answers to this intriguing clue.

The Clue: Discarded Apples, e.g.

When encountering this clue, it’s natural to think of the fruit “apples.” However, the word “discarded” adds an interesting twist. To solve this clue, we need to think outside the box and consider alternative meanings of the word “apples.”

One possible interpretation of “discarded apples” could be the term “cores.” When eating an apple, the core is often discarded. This interpretation fits the clue, as “cores” can be considered “discarded apples.”

Another interpretation could be “peels.” When peeling an apple, the skin is often discarded. Therefore, “peels” could also be a valid answer to the clue “discarded apples, e.g.”

Exploring Synonyms and Semantic Variations

While “cores” and “peels” are possible answers to the clue, it’s essential to consider synonyms and semantic variations that could also fit the puzzle. By expanding our options, we increase the likelihood of finding the correct answer.

One synonym for “cores” could be “pits.” When eating certain apple varieties, such as cherries or plums, we often discard the pits. These pits can be seen as the equivalent of apple cores, making “pits” a viable answer to the crossword clue.

Similarly, the term “rinds” could be a synonym for “peels.” When referring to oranges or lemons, we often discard the outer layer, which is known as the rind. In the context of discarded apples, “rinds” could be a suitable answer.

Other Possible Answers

While “cores,” “peels,” “pits,” and “rinds” are the most likely answers to the crossword clue “discarded apples, e.g.,” there are a few other possibilities worth considering.

One option is “seeds.” When eating an apple, we often discard the seeds, as they are not typically consumed. Although this answer might not be as common as the others, it is a valid interpretation of the clue.

Another possibility is “scraps.” When preparing apples for cooking or baking, we often discard the unusable parts, such as the stems or bruised sections. These discarded parts can be referred to as “scraps,” which could fit the crossword clue.


When faced with a challenging crossword clue like “discarded apples, e.g.,” it’s crucial to think beyond the obvious and consider alternative interpretations. In this case, we explored answers such as “cores,” “peels,” “pits,” “rinds,” “seeds,” and “scraps.” Each of these answers provides a unique perspective on the clue and showcases the versatility of language.

While solving crossword puzzles can be a delightful exercise for our minds, it’s important to remember that there is often more than one correct answer. The joy lies in the process of deciphering the clues and expanding our knowledge along the way. So, the next time you encounter the clue “discarded apples, e.g.,” you’ll be well-prepared to tackle it head-on with confidence.

Happy crossword solving!

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